The hardest things are our teachers.  Seeking help is a brave step, and knowing where to turn is not easy.  Counseling and therapy are a form of support and the clinician is a guide, but it’s a partnership.  Lets talk and heal the broken parts, and build new skills to manage life.


Confidentiality is a cornerstone of Lake Counseling.  What we talk about goes no further, this is a very serious issue and we pay deep attention in protecting it.

Treatment items and approaches

Depression and anxiety are so common and hard and dovetail into trauma histories — life becomes hard to manage.  I treat most problems as a trained child and family practitioner, I know all the sensory and OT interventions.  I also work with couples and adults, around family systems, Bi-polar, PTSD, and link to med providers as needed.  Advanced training in CBT and existential therapies as well as Trauma Informed Care.


For many people it starts with the family, and blurs into other important relationships.  We feel hurt, our mind plays tricks, we can’t sleep, we isolate and feel sick.  Seeking help at this time is a major step, and you get a gold star for being brave.  We take a gentle approach and listen and look for new ways of understanding.  It’s okay to be lost, it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to want help.  At Lake Counseling there are many paths toward healing, and the door is always open.


Next Steps…

Call me anytime to see how I can help.  Its always confidential: 414-313-3923

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